The Gifted

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the dreaM

Reed, Caitlin and Lauren hope to stabilize Reed's powers by meeting a doctor who specializes in patients with problematic X genes; Thunderbird and Blink continue to chase down the Inner Circle; Polaris thinks about her relationship with her father.

Season 2 - Episode 8    Aired: 11/27

no Mercy

Reeva decides to announce her plans to acquire more funds for the Inner Circle; the Mutant Underground deals with Reed's powers and their instability; Jace meets a well-connected public figure who is in support of the Purifiers and their goals.

Season 2 - Episode 7    Aired: 11/13


The Inner Circle gets ready to launch a secret ambush, but Esme is put in charge of convincing Polaris to join the cause; Thunderbird teaches Reed how to control his powers; The Mutant Underground is attacked by The Purifiers.

Season 2 - Episode 6    Aired: 11/6


Caitlin and Thunderbird learn clues about the identity of a powerful mutant while they attempt to save an injured mutant's life; Jace nearly gets in the way of the Mutant Underground shortly after he joins the Purifiers to hunt escaped mutants.

Season 2 - Episode 5    Aired: 10/30