The Gifted

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Polaris discovers more about her past and makes a decision with possibly lasting consequences.

Season 1 - Episode 13    Aired: 1/15


Dr. Campbell hopes to distribute the Hound program on a national scale while at an anti-mutant summit.

Season 1 - Episode 12    Aired: 1/15

3 X 1

While tensions are high at Mutant HQ, nobody is quite sure of whom they are able to trust, which prompts Reed to reconsider staying at the compound.

Season 1 - Episode 11    Aired: 1/1


Facing a moral dilemma, Jace is forced to surrender something of great value over to Dr. Campbell, which leaves the team at Mutant HQ divided.

Season 1 - Episode 10    Aired: 12/11/2017


The team strategizes a risky plan to assist mutants who are being held in the Sentinel Services' custody.

Season 1 - Episode 9    Aired: 12/4/2017