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A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

Jeremiah attempts to warn Gordon of more destruction planned for Gotham, which forces Gordon to make a possibly devastating decision.

Season 4 - Episode 22    Aired: 5/17

A Dark Knight: One Bad Day

While the city of Gotham descends into near total anarchy, a team of unexpected heroes attempt to save it.

Season 4 - Episode 21    Aired: 5/10

A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse

Chaos ensues at the Gotham City Police Department, which sends Gordon on a wild chase for the person responsible for the massive takeover.

Season 4 - Episode 20    Aired: 5/3

A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond

Gordon and Bullock set off to learn the identity of a clever thief who has committed a series of bank robberies around the city of Gotham.

Season 4 - Episode 19    Aired: 4/19

A Dark Knight: That's Entertainment

Gordon reluctantly turns to Bruce to help him with his plan to capture all of the loose Arkham inmates in Gotham before they become too hard to catch.

Season 4 - Episode 18    Aired: 4/12