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Hello Boys

During an attempt to prove Leroy and Max's worth to Capt. LaFrey, they get a lead of Agent Checker's whereabouts.

Season 1 - Episode 16    Aired: 7/22

The Airplane

The Bureau Underground struggles to be taken seriously while forced to share a case both with the FBI and the FAA.

Season 1 - Episode 15    Aired: 7/15


Leroy and Max spot a possible UFO. However, as they are looking at it, Leroy drops a big bomb on Max that steals the show.

Season 1 - Episode 14    Aired: 7/8

The Article

Merv orchestrates a mole hunt to discover who was responsible for leaking information about The Bureau Underground to the press.

Season 1 - Episode 13    Aired: 6/24

The Premonition

Leroy asks for a psychic's assistance to determine who placed listening devices in The Bureau, but Max won't give in to their superstitions.

Season 1 - Episode 12    Aired: 6/17