Bob's Burgers

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UFO No You Didn't

Tina and her science partner invent a device that enables them to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings, but they receive a dangerous warning message.

Season 9 - Episode 9    Aired: 12/2

Roller? I Hardly Knew Her!

Gene becomes irate at his best friend, Alex Papasian, when he chooses to be roller-dancing partners with Courtney Wheeler instead of Gene; Teddy, Bob and Linda struggle to keep their imaginations in check as an unknown person stalks the restaurant.

Season 9 - Episode 8    Aired: 11/25

I Bob Your Pardon

The Belcher family soon find themselves in over their heads when they become determined to save a turkey from a slaughterhouse and their schemes are noticed by a local news reporter, who inadvertently complicates their mission.

Season 9 - Episode 7    Aired: 11/18

Bobby Driver

Bob accepts to drive Edith, a professional quilter and co-owner of Reflections, around town after she persuades him to help with a plot for revenge; the children attend a "Great Gatsby"-themed birthday party; Linda help Teddy try some new foods.

Season 9 - Episode 6    Aired: 11/11