Bob's Burgers

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V for Valentine-detta

After Tina's difficult end to her relationship on Valentine's Day, the Belcher women decide to have a limo girls' night out in order to lift her spirits.

Season 8 - Episode 7    Aired: 1/14

The Bleakening

Linda hopes to add some extra cheer around the neighborhood by hosting a party at the restaurant.

Season 8 - Episode 6    Aired: 12/10/2017


The Belchers reluctantly agree to help Teddy when his family unexpectedly tells him that they will be coming to see him on Thanksgiving.

Season 8 - Episode 5    Aired: 11/19/2017

Sit Me Baby One More Time

After Tina launches a babysitting service, she soon faces internal problems with her business nemesis, Tammy.

Season 8 - Episode 4    Aired: 11/5/2017